Pricing & Payment Options

We accept a variety of payment types and financing. Learn more about our payment options below.


We treat each pet as an individual and will make specific recommendations based on our physical exam and review of your pet’s history. Not every pet will need all of the items on the following lists, but we provide this information so you have a general understanding of the costs of care.

Housecall Fee

The house call fee covers the doctor’s time and travel. The fee is charged once per visit and is the same regardless of the number of pets seen at the visit.

Weekday appointment in our core service area – $165

Additional fee for weekday appointments scheduled for 5 pm or later, and for routine Saturday appointments – +$30

Additional fee for appointments not part of our routine schedule $50-115

Out-of-area surcharge, if applicable – typically +$15-$30

Routine Care for Cats

Most healthy indoor cats do well with just an annual exam and two vaccinations:

Annual Exam$125

The exam includes a full review of your pet’s medical history and a full, head-to-tail physical exam.

Rabies Vaccination$70

We administer the annual Purevax rabies vaccine.

Feline Distemper (FVRCP) Vaccination$60

We administer the Purevax distemper vaccine. Your cat may be on a one-year or three-year cycle for this vaccine.

Routine Care for Dogs

Most healthy dogs do well with an annual exam, vaccinations, and monitoring for intestinal parasites and other diseases:

Annual Exam$125

The exam includes a full review of your pet’s medical history and a full, head-to-tail physical exam.

Rabies Vaccination$64

Your dog may be on a one-year or three-year cycle for this vaccine.

Canine Distemper and Parvovirus (DA2PP) Vaccination$60

Your dog may be on a one-year or three-year cycle for this vaccine.

Fecal Evaluation$97

We run advanced genetic analysis on a stool sample to screen for intestinal parasites, including giardia, roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, coccidia, and tapeworms. You should have a stool sample available at the visit.

Test for heartworm and exposure to tick diseases$68.50

This blood test screens for heartworm disease and for exposure to tick diseases such as Lyme.

We also recommend preventive medications to avoid exposure to fleas, ticks, and heartworm disease:

Flea and Tick Preventivevaries

We recommend giving Bravecto flea and tick preventive medicine. It is a flavored chew that provides 3 months of protection. We can set up an automatic refill and send a new dose every 3 months.

Heartworm Preventivevaries

We recommend giving a monthly heartworm preventive medicine like Interceptor Plus. The cost varies on the size of your dog and whether you purchase a 6-month or 12-month supply.

Multi-Pet Discount – We are happy to examine more than one pet at the visit, and we offer a $25 discount on the annual exam for each of the additional pets seen at the same visit.

Additional Items for Dogs – Depending on your dog’s lifestyle, we may recommend additional tests or treatments, such as vaccinations for kennel cough (bordetella), flu, and leptospirosis.

Sick Pets

Cats and dogs may experience short-term problems or chronic illnesses that we can manage through monitoring and treatment. The costs vary depending on each pet’s individual needs, so if you would like additional information to estimate your pet’s care, please let us know. The starting point for most sick pet visits is our house call fee (see above) and a diagnostic exam ($135). After the exam, the doctor will discuss the findings with you and recommend a plan.


We provide caring, compassionate euthanasia at home, so you and your pet can be in familiar surroundings during a personal and emotional time.

Euthanasia service (including our standard house call fee)$613.50

The euthanasia service includes our standard house call fee, a diagnostic exam, administration of a sedative, and the euthanasia itself. (Additional fees apply to evening and weekend appointments and for appointments out of our regular service area.)

Many clients choose to have us take their pet’s body and arrange for cremation. You may choose either a group cremation with no return of ashes or a private cremation with the return of ashes. Prices for these services depend on your pet’s weight, as follows:

Cats and Dogs up to 40 pounds – Group Cremation ($210), Private Cremation ($315)

Dogs 40 to 70 pounds – Group Cremation ($250), Private Cremation ($385)

Dogs 70 to 100 pounds – Group Cremation ($280), Private Cremation ($445)

Dogs 100-150 pounds – Group Cremation ($315), Private Cremation ($505)

Dogs 150+ pounds – Group Cremation ($350), Private Cremation ($575)

In addition, if you would like a special urn for your pet’s ashes or another memento, you can view the options at

Cancellation Fee

We try to avoid charging a cancellation fee but want you to be aware of our policy. We reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee (equal to the house call fee) for appointments canceled or rescheduled within 48 hours of the appointment. For more information, please read our cancellation policy.

Please let us know if you want an estimate for your visit. We will gladly prepare a care plan showing the price of each treatment your pet may need. We offer a 10% discount to senior and disabled clients.

Methods of Payment

Payment is due at the time of the visit.

We accept the following forms of payment:

If you are unable to pay in full at the visit, you may apply for CareCredit ahead of time to arrange for a payment plan. The application takes 5 minutes to complete, and credit approvals are returned in 30 seconds. Please contact us with any questions.