About At Home Veterinary

Information For New Clients

Welcome to At Home Veterinary!

We are accepting new patients. We encourage you to reach out in advance to ensure we’ll be available when needed.

We look forward to meeting you and your pets. To make everything go as smoothly as possible, please review the checklists below.

Sam, one of our patients from Charlestown.

Appointment Checklist

To prepare for your appointment and to help us provide the best level of care for your pet, please follow these steps:

First Steps


Check that you are in our service area

View the list of towns in our core and extended service area to be sure we will be able to schedule an appointment.


Review our pricing

You can view prices of common services on our Prices & Payment page.


Contact us to schedule an appointment

Reach out to us by phone (508-653-4300) or email (office@athomevet.net) to schedule your appointment. We will work with you to find a suitable time. We thank you in advance for understanding that the doctor’s arrival window will be from about 15 minutes before to about 15 minutes after the target arrival time that we schedule.


Review our cancellation policy

If you need to cancel your appointment, please let us know as soon as possible, and in all cases, at least 48 hours before the visit. Once we have put you on our schedule, we have reserved that spot for you and will not offer it to other clients, so a last-minute cancellation leaves us with an empty spot that we otherwise would have used to help another pet. Cancellations less than 48 hours ahead of the visit are subject to a cancellation fee equal to your housecall fee.


Ask previous veterinarians to send us their medical records

Your pet’s previous medical records are very important, even if they are several years old! These records will help us understand your pet’s vaccination and weight history and will include doctors’ notes and lab results from past visits. We review this information to put your pet’s current health in its proper context and to help us tailor our recommendations to your pet’s specific needs.

We need to receive the previous records far enough in advance of your appointment for our veterinarian to review them and incorporate the information into our records. As soon as possible, please ask your previous veterinarian’s office to send us their records either by fax (508-653-4333) or email (office@athomevet.net).


Check with your pet’s play group or kennel about required vaccinations and tests

If you board your pet at a kennel or if he or she participates in a play group, check with the facility about required vaccinations and tests. We will be happy to forward them documentation of your pet’s updated vaccines and tests after our visit.

Before your appointment


Sequester cats who are shy, nervous, or difficult to handle

Any cats who are shy or nervous or who might be difficult to handle for the exam should be in a bathroom before the doctor arrives. Over the years, we have found this is the most effective way to keep things manageable and to allow us to examine and work with your cat. Even if you are skeptical, we promise this is the best way that you can help us help your cat!


Collect a stool sample

For all dogs at their annual check-ups and for any cats who go outside, you should collect a stool sample ahead of the visit so we can screen for intestinal parasites.


Gather medications

Gather any medications, preventives, and supplements your pet uses so the doctor can review them at the appointment. You also should prepare to talk with the doctor about the foods your pet eats. Once we have examined your pet, we can supply most medications your pet will need, either at the appointment or by mail. For routine medications, we can set up an auto-refill and send more each month.

After your appointment


Tests results

Many test results will be available the next day, so you can expect to hear from us either by phone or email soon with the results.


Records available online

Your pet’s vaccination records and future due dates will be accessible online through PetDesk, typically within a day of the appointment. If you would like online access to your pet’s complete record, please let us know.