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Health Certificate

Most airlines require a veterinary health certificate for your pet to fly. We can examine your pet and issue a health certificate you will present to the airline.

We recommend you contact your airline before purchasing your ticket to confirm your pet will be eligible for travel and to reserve your pet’s space on the plane, either in the cabin with you or in the cargo area.

Each airline sets its own requirements for whether or not you need a health certificate, for the timing of the exam, and the type of carrier you may use, so you should obtain this information from the airline directly. The exam often needs to be done less than 7-14 days before you depart, and we want to be sure we will be available when you need the appointment, so you should let us know as soon as you make your travel plans so we can schedule the exam.

On the day of travel, we recommend withholding food, or feeding a smaller meal than usual, to avoid an upset stomach, vomiting, and diarrhea.

When traveling by car or when taking a pet in the cabin with you on the plane, it may be beneficial to give your pet a mild sedative at the beginning of the trip. The doctor will be happy to discuss this option and can prescribe the sedative, if needed, after examining your pet.

For additional tips on traveling with your pet, see the American Veterinary Medical Association’s guide to traveling with your pet.