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  • About Telemedicine

  • About Telemedicine

    About Telemedicine

    About Telemedicine

    Telemedicine is yet another way we help you bring your pet the best veterinary care without the stress of a hospital visit. 

    We offer video consultations through the TeleTails app so we can gather more detailed information about your concerns and guide you to the most appropriate care.

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    Getting Started with Teletails

    To prepare for your telemedicine consult, follow these steps before your scheduled consult:

    Step One: Get the TeleTails app

    • Download the free TeleTails app

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    • Enable notifications

    Step Two: Set up your TeleTails account

    • Create a profile for you and your pets
    • You will be asked for credit card information but your card will not be charged at this time
    • Use the code "HOME" when prompted for a Practice Code

    Step Three: Start a consult

    • Click the "Start Consultation" button. This confirms your connection with us, so that the doctor can initiate the video conference at your scheduled time.
    • If you know which doctor has been scheduled, you can choose that doctor by name. Otherwise, choose Medical Team and we will assign the doctor for you.
    Video Consultations

    We offer video consults for patients with whom we have an existing relationship and have seen in the past year, as a supplement to your regular in-person visits. Not all situations are a good fit for telemedicine. We will be upfront with you in recommending an in-person exam when it is best for your pet. Please remember to call the office in case of an emergency.

    When you set up your profile on the TeleTails app you will be asked to provide credit card information, as there is a fee for video consults. Our fee covers not just the call itself but also the doctor's preparation ahead of the visit and recordkeeping afterward. Any in-person follow-ups will be billed separately.

    The fee for the video consult will be discussed at the time of scheduling, and the TeleTails app will charge our fee (plus a 10% service charge from TeleTails) at the end of the consult. 

    Telemedicine Supplements In-Person Visits

    Nothing changes for home visits.

    • We’ll continue to see you and your pets in person.
    • TeleTails consults are meant to supplement, not replace, your pets’ in-person visits.
    • TeleTails consults are available only to our current patients whom we have seen and examined within the past year.
    • All TeleTails consults are with members of the At Home Veterinary team that you already know and trust.

    If you need help using the TeleTails app, let us know, or browse the TeleTails knowledgebase at https://teletails.zendesk.com/