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Medications and Food

  • Prescription Medications

  • Prescription Food

  • Prescription Medications

    Prescription Medications

    Prescription Medications


    We can provide the prescription and over-the-counter medications your pet needs. In some cases, the doctor will leave medications with you at the visit so you can start right away. In other cases, we will wait for the results of lab tests and then we can mail the appropriate medications to you.

    Medication Refill

    To request medications, click the button below and then choose Medication Refill as your Reason for Appointment.

    Request a Medication Refill

    Automatic Refills

    If your pet is on medications regularly, we offer automatic refills as a convenient way to be sure you always have the medication you need. Once we start your pet on automatic refills, we will mail more medication on a regular schedule, typically every month. Our goal is to make things easier for you, so if you ever need to adjust an automatic refill schedule, or cancel it altogether, just let us know.

    Routine Bloodwork

    We routinely monitor the bloodwork of pets who are on medications long-term. This bloodwork helps ensure that the medication is working effectively without causing any unwanted side effects. In most cases we'll want to check your pet's bloodwork every six months, though we may need to monitor things more closely, particularly at the beginning of treatment or if your pet's health warrants closer attention.

    We can only dispense prescription medications for pets we have examined within the past year and for whom we have current bloodwork, if needed. If your pet needs medication but is overdue for an exam or bloodwork, please contact us to schedule an appointment.

    Cora, one of our patients from Cambridge.

  • Prescription Food

    Prescription Food

    Prescription Food

    About Prescription Diets

    Prescription diets offer an effective way to help manage chronic conditions such as kidney disease, diabetes, urinary issues, obesity, and more. These diets are not found in pet stores and are available only with a prescription from your veterinarian. They are carefully formulated to treat specific conditions diagnosed by a veterinarian and typically are just part of a multi-faceted approach to treating the condition.


    We do not stock prescription diets ourselves but our clients have several options for buying prescription foods:

    • Order directly from the manufacturers, with free shipping direct to home:
      • Purina ProPlan - Register with Purina ProPlan VetDirect and order your pet's prescription food. Purina will contact us to authorize the prescription food. 
      • Hill's Prescription Foods - We will initiate the authorization and you will receive an email from Hill's with a link to complete the food order.
    • Order from our online pharmacy partner, Covetrus/VetsFirstChoice


    Bently, one of our patients from Jamaica Plain.